Full Name: Mariah Lansing

What are your plans after graduation? Attend Tulane in New Orleans for neuroscience or English

Favorite Movie: “Twilight” (my guilty pleasure)

Favorite Type of Music: Post-hardcore

Hobbies: Resin crafting

If you could have dinner with three people, living or deceased, who would they be? Chris Motionless, Marilyn Monroe and Robert Pattinson

Who is your hero? Why? My mom. She has done so much in life and come so far.

If you could go any place in the world, where would it be? Why? Ferrara, Italy. It is the most gorgeous city in the world.

Favorite School Lunch: My own ramen #sacklunchgang

Favorite Teacher or Class: Ms. Leytem. She’s my BFF.

Favorite WDHS Memory or Tradition: My only prom. My friend took me sophomore year.

What is your advice to underclassmen? Give everyone a chance, and don’t ever worry about what other people think.

Anything else you would like to add? Go Bobcats.