Peosta Elementary student leaders, from left — Maddie Lucas, Azalea Verhulst, Kyle Phillips and David Hosch, head up the monthly school assembly Oct. 2.

A select group of students at Peosta Elementary has been making a difference at the school this year. They have been participating in the first year of the student leadership program. This puts responsibilities on the students that haven’t existed in the past.

Students that were interested in being a student leader had to go about signing up for this as if it were an actual job. They had to fill out an application and interview to be selected for one of these roles.

“We had to answer questions during the interview that we didn’t know were coming,” student leader Maddie Lucas said.

“We were willing to give up our free time like recess to help,” student leader Azalea Verhulst added.

Even though this interview process was new to the students, they agreed that they weren’t that nervous.

The student leaders assist with cleaning up after lunch, assisting in the library, helping teachers, delivering mail and even running school assemblies and Grandparent’s Day.

“I really like helping the teachers and putting on the assemblies,” student leader Kyle Phillips said.

The group of 21 students has a meeting every month to discuss what is going on and what they plan to do next.

“Every month we meet and discuss what we can do,” David Hosch, student leader, said.

Lucas, Verhulst, Hosch and Phillips were the heads of the assembly Oct. 2. They were in charge of organizing the event, preparing a script for themselves and handing out classroom awards to students.

Head of the program, Christine Jasper, said that she hopes to see the program grow over the coming years.

“I hope that younger students see the students doing it this year and want to join next year,” Jasper said.

Students that are interested need to go as far as getting references from teachers and their parents for the application. However, anyone who completes the application gets selected as a student leader.

Jasper added that down the road, she would like to see this become a mentoring program where older students can help the younger students with certain things.

“I enjoy hanging out with these guys and being a leader,” Verhulst added.

“They were more than willing to give up free time,” Jasper said, “and they want to help.”

Peosta Elementary started this program to help educate students on how to get a job and how careers work. Jasper is pleased with what she has seen from the students thus far.