A chorus of little voices can be heard shouting “Paul” in the halls of NICC’s Peosta Campus.

In one of the classrooms, a seasoned NICC instructor is doing the seemingly impossible — teaching the basic principles of thermodynamics to second, third and fourth graders.

During NICC’s Kids ofnCampus week, these young campers are treated to a variety of workshops and sessions, ranging from filmmaking to 3D printing to insect safaris.

Back in the lab, NICC science guru Paul Kimball is sharing his love of science with curious developing minds.

Kimball, who has participated in the Kids on Campus event since its inception, is helping students fill out their workbooks and teaching them vocabulary words through a series of high-energy calls and responses.

Kimball’s crew can shout out the correct answers for the definitions he is reciting at break-neck speed, with the children perhaps unknowingly cementing their knowledge of what protons, atoms, molecules, neutrons and electrons are.

After promising Kimball they will practice safety first and make a promise they won’t get hurt during their pursuit of science, Kimball leads them outside for the moment they’ve all been waiting for — the experiments.

The classic Mentos-and-soda experiment teaches the wonders and mysteries of chemical reaction while also soaking anyone in the vicinity with a sticky, sugary substance in the process.

Students are also taught how to make slime and get to see the effects of dry ice explosions.

The annual camp aims to provide each camper with fun classes, new ideas and concepts all while interacting with their instructors in a creative and positive environment.