The Delaware County Board of Supervisors approved changes to the new county sheriff’s office and jail that will save the county over $32,000 after hearing updates from the project consultants.

John Hansen, President of Midwest Construction Consultants, delivered the project update Feb. 10, outlining the proposed recommendations for cost savings. Included in his report were:

• A $13,150 savings on water heaters in the facility. Hansen recommended paring down three water heaters for the facility to two. He recommended eliminating a water heater specifically designed for a future kitchen at the jail.

• A $2,388 savings regarding security changes throughout the facility. Hansen told the supervisors he went through the facility with Sheriff John LeClere. Some cameras were eliminated, while others will now include a wide-angle lens. In addition, some door position switches were taken out. “We sat down with the sheriff and determined how he wanted the facility to function. We went room to room to see what he needed in there,” Hanson explained.

• A $6,662 deduction on a skylight in the exercise area. Hansen said the skylight recommended was specified to be missile tested for hurricane-force winds. He said after speaking with the architect, the skylight will now match the grade of other skylights throughout the facility.

Hansen reported that conduit and other equipment needed to be inserted into the precast walls of the building have been identified and should be submitted into a production schedule by the end of the week. He told the supervisors that the precast walls for the facility are scheduled to be on-site by mid to late April.

“I’m pleased they have it in the production schedule,” he said. “I think people will be shocked at how quickly a precast building can go up.”

Supervisors discussed replacing the parking lot at 721 S. 5th St., home of the Abbe Center and Operation: New View. The project calls for the removal of existing asphalt and replacement with a six-inch concrete surface with a six-inch modified sub-base. Supervisors have set Monday, March 2 for bid letting on the project.The supervisors also:

• Approved a liquor license renewal for Backbone Golf and Country Club.

• Approved a liquor license for Dollar General in Earlville.

• Set the next supervisors meeting for Thursday, Feb. 20 at 1:15 p.m.