Voters in the Western Dubuque School District will decide whether to extend the district’s Physical Plant and Equipment Levy Tuesday, March 2.

The district is asking voters to keep the levy of $1 per $1,000 of net, assessed taxable valuation in place for another 10 years when the current PPEL expires in June 2022.

Monies from the levy are used to maintain district buildings, as well as provide safe, well-equipped school buildings for students.

In fiscal year 2019-20, the PPEL fund generated over $1.5 million for the district.

Mark Frasher, business and finance director for the district, said the PPEL renewal is important for the district.

“Having it renewed for another 10 years is absolutely critical for us. We are a growing district. Our communities have blessed us with a lot of resources and the PPEL allows us to keep those resources maintained and continue to provide a safe and high functioning environment for our students,” he said.

Frasher pointed to the fact the district purchases five school buses every year and pays for it from funds generated by the PPEL. “It costs around $500,000 for the buses every year. Prior to having the PPEL, we had to take that money out of the general fund. Paying for it with PPEL allows us to free up more dollars directly related to students.”

The levy requires a simple majority to pass. If passed, the levy would begin July 2021.

Frasher added, “Passage of the PPEL levy isn’t going to increase anyone’s tax and isn’t going to increase the levy rate. Hopefully, people will be very supportive.”

The polls are open Tuesday, March 2 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Polling places in the district are:

• Cascade Memorial Gym — 320 1st Ave W.

• Peosta Community Center — 7896 Burds Rd.

• Luxemburg City Hall — 202 S Andres.

• Dyersville Social Center — 625 3rd Ave SE.

• Farley Memorial Hall — 202 1st St N.

• Epworth Council Chambers — 191 Jacoby Dr.