Western Dubuque High School held its Homecoming last week with each day having a theme for the students. Area communities also benefited from one of the days. Students spread out across Dubuque County for a service day Oct. 9.

The day started with an assembly with students and Western Dubuque staff. There, students found out where they would be heading for the day and how they would be getting there. They worked through the morning, ate lunch and then wrapped up their day of service around 1:30 p.m.

Busses were sent to the Peosta Community Centre so the students could work on landscaping and tasks inside. Additionally, they worked at the Swiss Valley Nature Center, picked up items for the food pantry, worked in the gym at the high school and cleaned up along the highway.

“This is our third year doing a service day,” Cris Tipple, WDHS teacher and lead organizer, said. “However, this is the first time it has taken place during Homecoming week.”

She said that the school has had different forms of this day in the past, but it has grown over recent years. Tipple also thinks that sometimes the students may get overlooked for what they are able to do.

“This reflects well on the school,” Tipple said. “Sometimes, we as teachers do not understand what the students are capable of. They can do some amazing things when we let them.”

All staff members at Western Dubuque were involved with the day. Teachers, principals and secretaries were assigned to a destination and helped the students with their assignments.

Holy Cross, Peosta, Epworth, Worthington and Dubuque were all destinations where students could have ended up.

Tipple is sure that as the years move on, Western Dubuque High School will continue to do their part in helping local communities.