Emily Wulfekuhle’s reign as Delaware County Pork Queen ended this past year. But that doesn’t mean Wulfekuhle still isn’t active in the pork industry.

She still finds time to help out her parents, Craig and Karen Wulfekuhle, on their hog operation near Petersburg. A freshman at Iowa State majoring in ag business, she is taking classes virtually at home for now due to COVID-19. That allows the 2020 Beckman Catholic graduate to remain active in her family’s hog operation.

She describes her time as pork queen as being almost two different experiences. “In 2019, that was pretty fun. We got to go around to schools for pork month and also into the Good Neighbor Home to speak to students and residents about pork. But since the virus hit in 2020, there haven’t been many events. We mostly just did parades.”

Wulfekuhle said those visits to classrooms and the nursing home were among her favorite activities as queen. “At the Good Neighbor Home, I enjoyed hearing about the stories residents had of how they raised hogs on their farms when they were my age.”

She said the residents were also very interested in current hog farming methods.

Wulfekuhle enjoys seeing the change in hogs from the time they arrive until they leave the farm. “I’m a very visual person. I like seeing things happen in front of me. We just got new pigs in that are 17 days old. Then I can go over to the other farm and see pigs that weigh 300 pounds. I enjoy watching them grow and seeing what we do here.”

Wulfekuhle is a candidate for state pork queen. The queen will be named in Des Moines in January at the Iowa Pork Congress. “I’ve been mentally preparing for that by being outside more helping my dad. That way in an interview I have more knowledge about questions they may ask me.”

She said she will stay active in agriculture in some way after graduating from college. And she also knows that raising hogs in Delaware County is more than just a job.

“What we do is our passion. It’s what we love to do for other people.”