We are over $18 trillion in debt, almost half under Obama. Washington spent nearly $3.5 trillion in 2014 while collecting nearly $3 trillion in revenues. 14 cents of every dollar that Washington spent in 2014 was borrowed.

In 2014, we spent 51 percent on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, 19 percent on income security, 17 percent on national defense, 7 percent on interest, 3 percent on transportation, 1 percent education and 3 percent on all others. 

In 1998, the Republicans and Newt made Clinton get spending under control. In 2000 when the Republicans took control, I thought they would get our programs and spending under control. But they spent almost as bad as Democrats.

Obama said more than 20 times the Constitution does not give him the power to give amnesty, but he did it anyway. Like always, the Republicans said they were going to defund President Obama’s executive order on immigration, but they didn’t. The Republicans will hang themselves again in 2016 if they keep on the same road they are now. 

The conservatives are getting tired, angry and frustrated with the broken promises and cowardice of Washington Republicans. Some belong in the Democratic party.

I believe in 2016, like in 2012, more people will give up and not vote for a lot of Republicans. I will never vote for Bush. If it was between Bush and Clinton, what difference does it make? Clinton will destroy America at a rabbit’s pace and Bush at a turtle’s pace. Both are for big government.