By Janet Steinbach, Dyersville

I’m a week late getting this into the Commercial, but the feeling hasn’t changed – THANK YOU to the Dyersville volunteer firefighters and the young policeman that handled the car accident my kids were in on Thursday, June 7, on Old Hawkeye Road.

Being in a car accident yourself is upsetting enough but driving up to the accident your children were in was frightening. Having only lived here for 11 months, I don’t know them all to thank them by name but I will by the time we attend next year’s Firemen’s Dance. I’d also like to thank Dr. Snyder and the emergency room staff at Mercy-Dyersville who attended to two of the three families involved in the accident at the same time; as well as the insurance agent we’d signed on with less than a month ago – Tim English and his staff.

And here’s when you know that you’ve moved to the right small town – the gal that hit my kids’ car not only apologized to me for having run into them, but hugged me while doing so. Even her insurance agent’s office – specifically Jordan with Rex Massey State Farm – has been very kind and helpful. Lastly, thanks to Joel at Victory Ford for being understanding when my son was late to work on his first day and to my boss, Karla Thompson, when I thought I was only going to be gone from the office for a half hour.

My husband, Chris, and I already knew Dyersville is full of wonderful people – this normally dreadful experience put it over the top.