This letter is in response to the letter to the editor written by Jim Heavens.

The first point that he states is that Dan will reopen the government decision making process and all government records to the public. During his eight years on the council, he followed a lot and never really led. Why would I believe that he would do that now when he didn’t do it during the eight years he sat on the City Council?

The second point was that Dan would refocus a majority of the elected officials to once again work with the city staff to accomplish our common objectives. A majority of the council and not all of the council members? What common objectives would he be talking about? Radium in the water, lawsuits, upgrades to the sewer plant, or a sidewalk/trail to the new school. No, not these because these are being done under the present council led by Mayor Alvin Haas.

The third point you reference is to restore our funding to a level where they can be run effectively. Are you saying that all the volunteer organizations have been defunded under the present Mayor/Council? Are you talking about the Friends of the Library or the Dyersville Red Jackets? They did not receive funding in the first place. What volunteer organizations would you provide additional funding to? Which ones were defunded? You make a lot of claims, but where are the facts?

Your last statement you state, “It’s not too late to get Dyersville back on track…”. Are you saying that you want Dyersville to go back to the days where there appeared to be no accountability, council committee meetings were closed to the public, council meetings sometimes were allowed to get out of control, people that wanted to address the council hesitated, and whenever a vote was taken, it appeared that the issue was discussed and decided before the meeting? If this is the track that you want to put my community back on, I say no thank you.