Wow, what a day for our city. To paraphrase the movie, I think I can speak for all of us in saying this event went beyond our most ambitious dreams.

Might I take a moment to thank you for the many efforts big and small the people of Dyersville contributed to make this event a success and to show off both our city and our community? Along with many if not most of our people, I have heard so many sincere compliments on the beauty of our pristine Iowa town, the friendliness and helpfulness of our citizens and our ability to host an event of this magnitude in flawless fashion. Many of our recent visitors observed with surprise that there is still a place like Dyersville which actually exists. Often, we who live here are familiar with day-to-day life in Dyersville tend to forget how richly we have been favored and blessed. Perhaps this bit of national attention serves as a good reminder.

Over the years I have come to believe that every city is in reality a reflection of all of the people who live there. Also, the success of a city goes way beyond how many taxes it can collect and how the tax money is spent, but depends on what its people are freely willing to contribute beyond the tax asking, in their time, treasure and goodwill. Dyersville has a long tradition of volunteerism which was on full display last week before a national audience. By all accounts, we made a good showing.

Once again thank you and congratulations Dyersville. It was a pleasure and honor to be part of this effort. Sounds like we will be doing it again next year.