Regarding Mike Schroeder’s letter in last week’s paper, I agree with him that if you own property, you would want to spend money to keep it up. But you would not spend money on things for your home that you could not afford and can live without. That is what Mayor Haas is doing. He is looking at our needs over our wants. He is trying to keep our taxes down. You only need to look at the last council, when Mr. Willenborg and councilpersons English and Breitbach were on it, at the number of lawsuits that the city was involved in and one that drug on for over five years and in the end cost the city money that could have been used towards things that are important for the city. Mr. Willenborg and councilpersons Breitbach and English also voted to eliminate a public service (police dispatch) as an effort to save the city money, which I understand. However, Willenborg, Breitbach and English voted to give several city department heads double-digit raises. I understand people need, want and even deserve raises, but I think this was excessive.

Before the last election, it was 10 years since we had a mayor and council that were as approachable as the one we have now. It is necessary for citizens to know what is going on and have input to city functioning.

At the political forum, Mr. Willenborg stated that he wants a more open government. I don’t know how much more open the mayor and council could be. I can’t tell you how many times I have had conversations with Mayor Haas and councilpersons Wagner and Bockenstedt about city concerns. I met Mr. Mullis twice and found that he can be easy to talk with. I feel that during the forum, he was knowledgeable about city functions and government issues without having current direct involvement. Vote Al Haas for mayor and Mike Mullis for council.