This letter goes out to fellow Dubuque County natives of the conservative persuasion. I know you hate me.  I’m a liberal Democrat.  However, I took time to write in the hopes of having a frank discussion about your frontrunner — Donald Trump. Since I couldn’t find a word to describe Trump’s success in recent polling, I made up my own. I call it “sychophanaticism.” A sycophant is someone who admires a person because they are rich. I added the suffix. Hence, followers of Donald Trump are “sychophanatics.” They tend to view people with money as interesting and sophisticated, which is oftentimes the diametric opposite. Quite frankly, I find most wealthy people to be humorless, mean and hopelessly stupid.

Donnie Trump substantiates my worldview. Last summer in the middle of one of his “soaring” stump speeches, he gesticulated a mocking version of a person with a sort of neurological disorder. He was ridiculing a physically handicapped New York Times reporter whose sole crime was to ask the pompous jerk a question he couldn’t handle. Trump’s behavior is bad for the Republican brand, yet he is leading in national polls for the Republican nomination. He seems to appeal to a very dark side of the American conscience.

Old guard Republicans are having nightmares. They know that at least two of the three Democratic rivals would trounce Trump in a general election. So, one may think a longsuffering-liberal such as myself would like to see Trump succeed so the likes of — say a Hillary, or a Bernie — can take care of his arrogant ass later.

But that’s not the discussion I wish to have, ladies and gentlemen. Donald Trump didn’t simply insult a political adversary; he slapped every man, woman, and child who has ever suffered a physical or mental handicap right across the face. Why, John and Jane Q Republican, are your people rewarding such rotten behavior? 

You won’t find me at a Republican caucus. If you do, take my temperature. There may be something wrong. But to conscientious Republicans everywhere… Please, it’s time to send Donald Trump packing.