Did you see what China is threatening to do to Australia? They are going to impose “trade restrictions.” They are delaying clearance for the shipment of $1.4 million of live lobsters. China is also limiting the importation of Australian coal, beef and other goods.

This is because China has demanded that the Australian government drop its support of an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. So, China is telling the world “do not question what we do or we will try to destroy your economy.” China is Australia’s biggest export market. How would you like to be in Australia’s shoes?

Maybe it is time for the USA and other countries to be responsible citizens and purchase products made outside of China. I see the problem being the companies in the USA have moved their operations to China to get cheaper labor costs. Maybe “cheaper” is not cheap! Maybe it is time for the leaders of the corporations to step up to the plate and bring the manufacturing jobs back home. Most corporations are short-sighted and look for “instant” profits.

That is how the CEO and other executives make the big bucks.

If you look at a “good” farmer; you will see that when he builds something on the farm, he is taking into consideration what his future growth plans are. He will make sure that the “water” line will be in the correct place for future expansion without having to move it. Our corporations maybe need to get smart and not just look for a “fast” buck.

Please buy USA when possible and show China that they do not rule the world.