“Our darkest days are ahead of us.” I do listen occasionally to Joe Biden. That is his quote and I would agree with him. Biden wants the minimum wage to be $15 per hour. This will result in the closing of many small businesses. The cost of living is not the same throughout the USA. As a result, the use of a “national” wage is “stupid,” but considering the source, I’m not surprised.

But don’t worry, Biden wants to raise the unemployment payments. This will encourage people not to look for a job. Sounds a lot like Venezuela when Chavez changed it to a “socialist” country, which is currently “broke.” Biden will print money to pay the bills and create a larger debt for the USA. Debts do come due unless you have a magic wand. Any money you have put aside will lose a lot of its buying power. Maybe we need a TV show, Twitter, Facebook or even the newspapers to do a report on the destruction of Venezuela. Venezuela used to be the richest country in South America. Now it does not even have toilet paper or other supplies for their people.

I’m sorry to say, I really do not see the education system teaching the “history” of our country. All I see are “officials” trying to destroy this country. Where would Europe be if the USA did not help them win both WWI and WWII?