Virgil Bourek’s Sept. 30 letter concerning the morality of abortion calls lay people, as well as priests and religious, “so-called” Catholics, if they support candidates such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. No one likes abortion, but who gives the writer permission to be judge and jury on morality. Italy, the home of the Vatican, allows abortion.

In Epworth, I was a member of the first Catholic parish school board; a finance chair and church council member for more than a decade; a CCD teacher, and an usher and lector for 40-plus years. I resent being labelled a “so-called” Catholic.

The author is a single issue voter. Last week’s Sunday church bulletin from the Cathedral listed two key principles of Catholic social teaching. One deals with human dignity and rights, the other deals with the needs of the poor and vulnerable. Peace and justice are key issues championed by many religious groups. Because they support these issues and vote Democratic, the writer said they are immoral “so-called” Catholics.

My two late sisters were Catholic nuns who taught in Catholic schools for four decades, many in Dubuque County. One served as a chaplain at Mercy Medical Center for a decade, the other taught in the inner city of Chicago. They do not deserve to be labelled as immoral in the present political world, which is led by an egotistical morally bankrupted president. Single issue voters think everything is black or white. They want to paint everyone with the same brush. Please don’t be a single issue voter.