Everyone is in a quandary this year as to how we can celebrate the holidays with family and friends, yet remain free of COVID-19. It is amazing how good old common sense plus a little ingenuity allow us to carry on doing things that are important to us. I think most of you who know me realize that making Christmas for the little children in our area is of prime importance. I have pondered and prayed over how to execute this project and have everyone remain safe. I dislike immensely the rules I have had to implement because I enjoy the social aspect of having people come to our house, but this year it will be different. I will be putting together the gifts myself and placing the bags on the front porch for parents or grandparents to pick up. If you wish to donate the following items, I am going to ask you to call me and I will open the garage door for your deposits.

Here is my list, and I know possibly some of this will not be available: puzzles, board games, card games, craft kits, any toys for all ages; most important needs are underwear, socks (especially men’s), gloves (especially men’s), hats, mittens and winter coats for the entire family; and cleaning supplies which might be difficult to find, such as paper products etc.

Despite COVID-19, I had a busy, fruitful, and rewarding year thanks to all the generous supporters in this and surrounding communities. You deserve a standing ovation because of your dedication to helping others. You make me so proud and I will continue to serve this community as long as I can. I am so sorry about the inconvenience this may cause, but I want to have you, and all of us remain safe.