Two Catholic schools in Dubuque are being considered for closure, Holy Ghost and St. Anthony Elementary’s English-based program.

Some years ago, the National Catholic Education Association took the devil’s money and sold out the Catholic standards and adapted the secular standards of the government-established Common Core.

Since then, test scores in Catholic schools and Iowa government schools have dropped. Student numbers in Catholic schools have dropped and some schools have closed. At the same time, government schools are adding classrooms.

U.S. bishops were warned by 132 Catholic university scholars of the dangers of the Common Core. They were ignored. Will church leaders admit their error and change back to Catholic standards and curriculum? The Cardinal Newman Society has developed Catholic standards as curriculum at no cost and it is available on the internet.

The millions of dollars spent to upgrade school buildings will be for naught. They will close as the trend indicates. Maybe the focus should be to try to keep students supporting the Catholic system with a better Catholic education. The laity has to speak up.

On Sept. 12, Jeff Bullock, president of the University of Dubuque, spoke to citizens at the Dyersville Tea Party. His talk was outstanding. His theme was, “You can make a difference.” Twenty years ago, when he first came to the University of Dubuque, his concern was to have religion taught there. It was a difficult sell, but UD has changed dramatically for the better.

Ask yourself, “What is the agenda of the teachers when the teaching is coming through the computer?”