On March 31, the Telegraph Herald article about Common Core gave the impression that people opposed to Common Core oppose high standards. I oppose Common Core and hope for the highest standards that Catholic educators developed from the beginning, especially discipline, respect and accountability. Now the church is giving away that responsibility to the secular progressive government.

Phyllis Schafly warned about losing the faith through Common Core. The Cardinal Newman Society does not support Common Core. One hundred-thirty Catholic scholars co-signed a letter written by Gerard Bradley, Notre Dame law professor,  condemning Common Core in Catholic schools.Bishop David Zubik, of the Pittsburgh Diocese, said he would not have Common Core in his Diocese and the NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) was not going to tell him how to operate his Catholic schools.Sandra Stotsky (language arts expert) and James Milgram (mathematician) joined others in refusing to validate Common Core.

The Gates Foundation gave the NCEA huge grants to train the teachers to implement Common Core in Catholic schools. I mentioned this at the Keystone meeting about science standards for the Common Core on Feb. 25. This is corruption at the highest level. I was advised, as a school board member, this statement made Catholic schools look bad.

Why wasn’t Iowa Core (Common Core) explained to the teachers and school boards before it was dumped onto the school system? These standards were developed in Washington D.C. by Achieve, Inc.Why was the Common Core copyrighted before the rules, regulations, and mandates were even written?

The purpose of Common Core is to change the children’s way of thinking, called behavior modification. The government wants control of your children.