Amazing! With your generous donations, we have exceeded our goal of $4,000 by almost $12,000 for a total of $15,809.30. And the other good news is that there is going to be a second matching funds with Food for the Poor.

Our original $4,000 match will give Father Lubermann $8,000 worth of food to distribute to the people in our Haitian communities this coming week. Father and his committee are more than excited.

We will send another $8,000 to Food for the Poor and will receive $16,000 worth of food staples for many more families in Fond Verrettes and the small surrounding communities. These food staples are vital to the well being of the people in this struggling part of our world.

Father is always concerned about the prenatal health care for the moms and post-delivery for the first six months. The remaining $3,800 will be used to purchase food for this program at the St. Claire Clinic that we opened in 2014.

With love and caring hearts, we have been able to make life better for our Haitian friends. Keep