President Donald Trump has stated many times, “The unfair way I have been treated as President should never happen to anyone.”

About half the U.S. population already seems to accept the illegal FBI and CIA spying on Americans, the illegal and unconstitutional persecution of Flynn, the illegal persecution of the President using the false Russian Hoax, the illegal release of the President’s tax returns by the NYT, or destruction of subpoenaed evidence by Clinton, Clapper and Comey concerning the spying on the President. All absolutely illegal. Also, the riots with possible RICO charges concerning the financing of said “riots.” These unconstitutional and illegal behaviors toward our President are already the norm. That should be scary to all Americans.

On Nov. 3, or when the election is decided, all the Liberals in the U.S .will finally realize President Trump was right. I believe there will be no cops left for your protection (defunded), no constitution left to protect your “free” speech (only speech approved and accepted by the “government”), and liberals will never know “the rest of the story” because it will not serve any purpose. Oligarchs will be the real group running our country (as they do in Russia) and they don’t care about our country.

President Trump is presented by the news media as uncouth, rough around the edges, unsympathetic, and any other negative thought of the moment. Remember him (and our gutted constitution) when you (liberals) wish you could speak your mind or object to some lie about yourself.