A little over four years ago, then-Mayor Dan Willenborg asked me for my help in making sure that the Dyersville city government would remain in good hands after his term in office ended. When you think about it, that is really every mayor’s last job — to feel at ease that the organization he or she has been responsible for will carry on successfully under new leadership. This process is now the last item on my almost completed agenda.

I feel confident in recommending our present councilmen who are seeking re-election to be worthy of our vote. I have worked with seven very different councils over the years and this group has proven to be very solid and committed to doing what is best for our city. To lead this effort the choice is clear — Jeff Jacque for mayor.

This will mark the 14th year I have had the honor and privilege to be associated with this very successful and prosperous city. Hopefully, I have made some contribution to our success, but what we enjoy today in Dyersville is the result of a long and enduring group effort. Everyone doing their “bit” and doing it well. Many visitors to our city during the MLB game remarked that they were both surprised and impressed with the fact that a pristine city like Dyersville still exists. We need to do our part to protect what we have all worked so hard to build. Be sure to make time to vote on Nov. 2.