I would like to pass my sincere thanks to this community for the best Christmas preparation ever.

During the summer months, I realized that, due to the pandemic, I would have to make some changes in how I executed our toy program. I am so blessed because, not only were my changes so readily accepted, but these changes brought about more giving than I could have imagined. This year, the preparation for Christmas was the most rewarding and joy-filled I have ever experienced. I received exceptionally large donations from the church, school, businesses and extraordinarily kind, giving and generous people of this and surrounding communities.

Do you know how many times I counted my blessings that I was wearing my fashionable mask to greet people as they arrived with their deposits in our garage? Too numerous to write about. The mask served as the ultimate tear catcher you could ever wear. Maybe my faltering voice gave away to the fact I was crying tears of joy and disbelief because of the goodness of people, leaving me with the challenge of finding the proper words to say thank you on so many occasions.

We reached out and helped some people who truly needed a helping hand, and we did it with gladness in our hearts just like the little Christ Child would want us to.

As I try to gather the proper words to say thank you for your donations and continued support, the word that reigns supreme with me is acceptance. Everyone accepted with smiles and gratitude the fact that I had to make some drastic changes and not allow people in our house to make their own selections of gifts as I always did. People were gracious not only to the project but actually so many saw fit to give me a gift personally. Wow.

I thank each and every person who in any way contributed to the success of the 2020 Covid Christmas. I could not have accomplished this Christmas project without your willingness to help me. You also served others in the spirit of genuine love and self-sacrifice.