I think everyone in Dyersville should get a letter from the city about taking care of their dogs or get fined $100. Every dog should have a dog tag and there should be a dog leash law.

Right now I am pretty upset. I could use a worse word, but I won’t. I think it is very discourteous of dog owners to let their dogs run loose and poop on our lawn. I am 72 years old and since I do not have a dog, I should not have to pick up dog poop in our yard before I cut grass. I went to the city and they said I should see what dog goes on our lawn and take pictures. I should not have to stay up all night to see what dog poops on our lawn. I think dog owners should be courteous enough to watch their own dogs and pick up after them.

All my children have dogs, but they obey city rules where they live. When they come back if they bring their dogs along they take care of them and clean up after them.