Donald Trump is still banned from Facebook because of what he wrote in the past and the website does not want to deal with any other “inappropriate” rants by Trump.

That sounds great until you ask about the Cartels in Mexico using Facebook. The Cartels are advertising on Facebook on how to get into the USA. They will let you choose the city or area where you want to cross the border and arrange for assistance in this illegal entry for a price. Remember that Facebook is being paid by the Cartels to advertise on their site. One ad reads “the journey is safe and reliable, and the price is $4,5000 leaving from Monterrey to San Antonio, Texas.”

So, Trump is banned, but the Cartels that are moving illegals into the USA are allowed. It is said the Cartels are making more money moving illegal aliens than they were making moving illegal drugs into the USA.

Please explain to me why Facebook is allowing these marketing materials by the Cartels to stay on their platform — but Trump is banned.