The following is my opinion and thoughts based on factual historical statements. Paraphrased, of course.

1 — Joseph Stalin — Control of information to the masses controls the population. Thousands of people sent to prison or death with no crime, no proof of a crime, and no defense accepted from the “guilty.”

2 — Adolf Hitler — Give me an uneducated, low info, or non-interested population and I will conquer the world with their help.

3 — He who speaks first, the loudest and the most often will control public thinking and the legal process using opinion over any facts. This from college Psychology and Sociology classes from the 1960’s. Also based on observed human behavior from the past (Salem Witch Trials) and the last three years in politics.

Now my offered thoughts concerning a fair trial to both Liberal and Conservatives: When you are accused of a crime (Serious, non-violent or fake) have your defense attorney ask just one question to all potential jurors. “Do you think President Donald Trump is guilty of a crime?” If any juror hesitates or says “yes”, escape to the next country for safety and a change of venue for a fair trial based on facts. Any accusations or trial based on lack of a crime, hatred, biased public opinion, hearsay, contrived circumstances, control of available evidence, the national press presenting their interpretations as facts and lack of following our constitution is not the American way. Just my opinion.