U.S. House California Representatives Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney should scare all US citizens. They sent a letter to all cable providers (ATT, Comcast, Amazon, etc.) for an explanation of why conservative TV stations have not been removed from cable TV. Among many charges, they claim “disinformation and the Big Lie” concerning the election.

Next is Twitter’s lawyer Vijaya Gadde who also believes the First Amendment is not sacrosanct but seems to be just a suggestion to be weighted according to circumstances. President Trump’s comments (the substance of what he tweeted) are specifically protected by the first amendment and by Supreme Court decisions.

Many people have commented to me about how my views seem to support President Trump. My support for the First Amendment (and U.S. Constitution) is not support for either liberals or conservatives, it is about supporting of our laws.

The First Amendment allows burning the American flag on college campuses (I totally hate that but I accept it). I think Democratic President Harry Truman was fantastic, Democrat JFK was OK, LBJ and FDR were crude and rude to almost everyone. FDR illegally imprisoned thousands of Japanese-Americans.

I just have opinions that include being honest, following the laws of the U.S. Constitution, not ignoring some info just because it isn’t what I like to hear. The U.S. law does not say some politicians and Lawyer Gadde can change protecting free speech to say “sometimes yea, sometimes nay” according to when it fits their narrative.