I felt like a rudderless ship the last few weeks between BLM, ANTIFA and immature, spoiled young kids rioting in Seattle — destroying private property under the disguise of protesting a murder. Personally, I feel more threatened with the outrageous treatment of Michael Flynn and the total disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

All evidence finally collected and documented shows at the very beginning Flynn was denied his constitutional rights by James Comey. He was never told he was accused of being investigated as required by law. James Comey even admitted this happened because he could get away with it. This is where the interrogation and the falsified evidence is supposed to stop under our laws. Even guilty people have charges dropped against them at this point. Flynn is accused of lying to the FBI on a “gotcha” question (set up to be caught lying) and then told to plead guilty or his son would be arrested. Then the Justice Department looked at the evidence and the improper procedures according to the US constitution and wanted to drop their case. Now four lawyers feel they can ignore the evidence of Flynn lying to a set-up question, but can also ignore the violations concerning our constitution. These same lawyers have the gall to claim the DOJ is abusing their power.

And yet, guilty criminals and today’s young, uneducated, spoiled “protesters” will still go free because their constitutional rights were violated. They must be planning a huge, fantastic party.