Using facts and humor on how the USA is being dismantled by rioters, disregard of our constitution, and attacks on Federal buildings is important. As a science teacher of 50 years, thinking and listening skills using inductive and deductive reasoning were important. Collecting accurate facts and vetting information was also important. Understanding innuendos, suggestive words, and dishonest presentation of information is missing, also. Apparently, in some of today’s classrooms, everyone has their own facts and the spin to destroy your facts.

In Portland and Seattle, rioters are still trying to burn down federal buildings with US Marshals inside. This is so morally wrong and illegal it should scare every American. These attacks on U.S. property with people trapped inside bring visions of the Nazis in 1938 burning churches with people inside called Kristallnacht. There are many politicians, governors, and mayors who feel these illegal attacks (riots) are good and justified. Attorney General Bill Barr has more honesty, integrity and more self-control than anyone I know. The personal attacks and insults he received in the recent judicial hearings concerning the attacks on Federal buildings was as “third world” as I’ve seen.

Closer to home, I recently had a conversation with the head of a college education program concerning new teachers. He stated they are scared about parents’ reactions to any discipline attempts, but also confused because they are the first generation of teachers who have never experienced authority in a classroom. They have no clue what having authority is and are hesitant to use it.

What really is close to home is when one of my friends reacted to a comment about President Trump. “He is stupid” and other negative comments heard from friends, other adults and teachers. School and home should be an environment of discovering evidence for your thoughts and how to think, not what to think. One last thought, when Quarterback Drew Brees said he was proud to stand for the American flag because his relative fought for the USA, I hope he reconsiders his caving to the media and his fellow players. That is the American way.