It has always amazed me that Iowa, the largest renewable fuel processing state, is surrounded by numerous states that have stronger biofuels requirements. It’s time we do something about that. That is why I support the Iowa Biofuel Standards, HSB 185/SSB 1170, under consideration in the Iowa Legislature. This legislation would set an E10 minimum standard for gasoline sold in Iowa and a B11 minimum standard for diesel fuel.

As a family farming operation and an investor in renewable fuels I understand the benefits biofuels bring to the state’s economy, its farmers, and all consumers. It is truly a win for everyone in Iowa and passage of the Iowa Biofuel Standards will only amplify that.

This bill would further expand the already billions of dollars biofuels have added to the state's economy since ethanol and biodiesel came into the state decades ago. And it’s proven to be better for our environment.

I’ve been disappointed to hear that many of Iowa’s fuel retailers are opposing the Iowa Biofuel Standards, some of which do the largest portion of their business with farmers, businesses, and employees working in ag production. Slapping the hand that feeds you? Seems crazy to me, especially considering this bill would provide $10 million a year for retailer grant funding.

Whether you’re looking to support Iowa farmers, Iowa’s economy, our environment, and even Iowa retailers, the Iowa Biofuel Standards is good for Iowa. Please ask your legislators as well as local fuel suppliers to support this bill.