We recently read in the Manchester Press, about the meeting with Rep. Lee Hein, House District 96 and Senator Dan Zumbach, District 48. I was perplexed by Senator Zumbach’s comments about the media stories concerning bills floating around that we shouldn’t take seriously, as the chances of them passing are probably zero.

I am thankful for the media because otherwise we may not hear that something is in the works until it is about ready to pass. I believe it is important that these representatives hear our views on the very things they will be going to committee to discuss. For example, Senate File 5 which is a bill about removing the word “Forest” from the Forest and Fruit Tree Reserve Act.

Without the property tax exemption provided in this bill, tree owners would be forced to take out their trees and plant cash row crops. This would be devastating to the environment. Forest land helps fight soil erosion, helps with water quality, provides natural habitat for hunting and fishing, and so much more. Help save the forests by not waiting until the bad deal is done to share your views with your representatives.