After I read Mr. Kerker’s letter in the Oct. 20 Dyersville Commercial I sat down with my father who wanted to set the record straight. This is what he told me:

“Concerning the sidewalk issue, I personally did not care if I went in the front yard, or the back yard. The backyard was suggested by Mercy. The safety of the children walking from the school was the priority.

“Going so far as to change the council meeting times, was requested by a councilperson, voted on and approved by the council.

“Upon being elected, a mayor has the option of appointing a new city attorney. This is what I chose to do. Mayor Willenborg, replacing me, went on to appoint the same attorney that I had appointed.

“Being a new mayor I did not realize that the library does not function like other city departments. It functions in an autonomous position. The board handles all internal activities. When I decided to rerun for mayor this time I met with our librarian, Shirley, and assured her I would not be making past mistakes.

“The statement made that I distrust city staff is incorrect.

“I receive a request from a councilperson to consider the city administrator’s contract. I put it on the agenda, discussion and a vote was held. The vote died for a lack of a second. As the mayor, the vote was called by me and any fallout fell upon my shoulders.

“In 2013 when I decided to run for mayor, Mr. Kerker was a big supporter of mine. His efforts were instrumental in getting me elected. After the election, I discovered Mr. Kerker wanted me, serving as mayor, to use my position to get even with the Dyersville Police Department and the Taukes’ of Tauke Motors. I told Mr. Kerker even though I was the mayor there were some things that I just could not do. This upset him and he has been against me ever since.

“As a new mayor, I failed to realize people that helped me get elected felt I owed them something. Once again, my inexperience as a new mayor at the time let me down.”