As racers we were very irritated someone posted the number 88 is racist. Obviously, this person has not been to a racetrack. Most racers acquire their numbers from something special in their lives, their favorite driver from the past or a family member.

Having 88 on your racecar does not make you racist. This person did not point out all the meanings of 88. For example, in Chinese culture 88 is a sign of good luck and good fortune; as racers we need this. Secondly, it’s not just 88 that goes with Hitler. After I did research, 14, 18 and 81 also represent Nazis. He did not mention these numbers. I hope he decides to get out of his safe zone, go to a race, meet racers and ask why they chose the car number they did. It may be a big eye-opening experience for him. He is the only one being racist and driving racism.

Many people in eastern Iowa know one of the most famous 88s, a car driven by Arlo Becker. Please my friend, get facts straight, go meet some racers and do some research.