Do people not care anymore? Where is your moral responsibility for the next person’s property? If you have a pet you should be a responsible pet owner.

We have lived in our house for almost 38 years and have never had this problem before. I have picked up dog poop all summer long before I can cut the grass. But I have lost my patience when my grandchildren want to play in the yard and my granddaughter stepped in dog poop and I had to clean it off of her tennis shoes.

I have gone to the City twice now. They think I should catch the dog in the act of doing it. I am not going to watch my lawn 24-hours a day. Maybe the City should do what they just did to a lot of us that have trees. We recently received a letter telling us to trim our trees 15 feet off the street and eight feet off the sidewalk or be fined $500.

Maybe they should send out letters to everyone and if you are a pet owner, get your dog a license and keep it in your yard — or face a fine of $500.