For the past 26 years I’ve volunteered as a medical first responder with the New Vienna-Luxemburg Fire and EMS service. Assisting neighbors, on what is often one of their most difficult days, is a privilege. Despite other rural areas struggling to attract and retain firefighters and EMS personnel, our community has been blessed with people willing serve. These volunteers go through hundreds of hours of training to maintain needed certifications and rush to help others both day and night.

I would ask for your support for the proposed construction of a combined New Vienna-Luxemburg fire station, city hall, and community center on property previously purchased along Highway 136. The current fire station was built in 1950 and has been added onto several times. It lacks space for needed equipment and training. The city offices would be moved to this new building, which would be fully handicapped accessible for voters and patrons doing city business. A new amenity, a community center, would be an exciting addition for area residents. The community center could be utilized for family gatherings or other events which do not require as large of a space as the current town hall.

The City of New Vienna plans to cover a significant portion of the cost, but financial support is needed in the coming weeks to secure this project. When small towns join together, great things can happen! Please contact the City of New Vienna at 921-2295 for more information about how you can be of assistance.