Lately, it appears that nobody wants to listen to “the facts” from “the other side.” Here are a few thoughts — not facts — about the future of sports in America concerning religion, sexism, racism and political correctness (PC).

Nationally, change the names of the Washington Redskins, KC Chiefs, and Cleveland Indians and a football pass “straight as an arrow” for a touchdown will become illegal. The Red Sox and the White Sox will disappear. For religious PC, the San Diego Padres will have to receive forgiveness before every game. The New England Patriots will become a symbol of hatred for everything American.

For the Pittsburgh Pirates, a special handicap category will be required for their opponents. Who would allow “their” side to be beaten by a team with just nine eyes among nine players? One baseball team that might survive is the LA Angels until they mess with a team with “Devil” in their name. Someone will complain and request an investigation of God interfering with the final score.

Locally, Indian names Anamosa, Waukon and Iowa will be gone. Also, a few years ago, an Iowa high school superintendent wanted to remove “Vikettes” from the school girls’ team. He claimed it was sexist and removal would elevate the girls to the boys’ level of names.

Be careful of what you wish for.

The New York City “Rockettes” would never want to be equal to the “Rocks.” Just a little humor to grease that slippery slope we are going down.