Without a doubt, the “sound” of music we heard for nine years by our Lemon Sisters must have been considered classic by the choirs of Angels in the highest heavens. Some days I felt it was raining toys, gifts and cash donations from heaven because there were times I had no idea where the deposits in our garage and front step came from. They just appeared-no name-no fanfare.

The tremendous outpouring of gifts, toys and donations of cash left me short of words and in tears of joy and awe. On occasions, I felt so inadequate at expressing how grateful I am for the number of large contributors who thought it nothing to deliver carloads of gifts. Every person’s contribution, be it small or large, added depth beyond measure to the actions in our community of helping the less fortunate.

I am expressing profound thanks and deep appreciation to everyone in this community and beyond who in any way contributed to the success of this Christmas endeavor. People’s lives were changed because of your generosity and caring attitude and they are grateful.

I had Christmas elves during this season, too numerous to mention, and I owe them more than a loaf of bread. Maybe Santa was extra good to them per my request.

May our newborn Savior bless each of you as we move ahead to the new year of 2020. My garage will welcome whatever can be used for the less fortunate after the first of the year. My rule remains that I need a phone call at (563) 875-8743 so we can discuss your donations. I will welcome holiday ideas at any time of the year.

Once again I praise you and thank you for your continued support. You have made a difference and it is my pleasure to continue the work of the Lord.