The ATV ordinance that chewed up nearly two years of county time has passed.

To be clear: convenience, cost and wails that “we want to have fun,” were always the driving factors, not safety. Look at the ordinance for proof.

As the inevitable injuries and deaths occur, let’s remember who forced this onto an unwilling population. Dave Baker and Jay Wickham disregarded the overwhelming medical, safety and industry evidence against this. They ignored our engineer, opening roads he opined not safe for ATVs. They ignored our sheriff and 37 county law enforcement officers, our county attorneys, past and present, manufacturers of ATVs, the ATV committee, and county leaders. Baker and Wickham ran over the top of the majority of our county, discarding common sense, the common good, and our collective safety, all for Baker’s pet project.

It became obvious that Baker and Wickham agreed a year ago that this was a done deal. The recent no-bid contract orchestrated by Wickham to transfer the low-income assistance program was also a backroom deal by Wickham and Baker. The good old boys are apparently free to do as they please. There is a third supervisor, elected by the majority of Dubuque County residents, whom they have chosen to ignore as they pursue their own agendas. Thank goodness for Ann McDonough, who is trying to do her job. We deserve better. Vote Baker out in 2020.