Editor's Note: In the March 17 Dyersville Commercial a word was changed in the following letter that changed the meaning. The error was both in the headline and within the body of the letter. The corrected letter follows. The Dyersville Commercial would like to apologize for the error.

I recently purchased a book titled, “A Church in Crises,” written by Dr. Ralph Martin, who is a professor at a Catholic seminary in Michigan. He describes social justice as a religion. EWTN recently interviewed him and he made a lot of sense. The social justice movement suggests that it is interested in solving problems, but the first clue lies in the partial, biased, unrepresentative, unfair description of our society. People think that this country can be improved upon, but to present it as riddled with bigotry, hatred and oppression is, at best, partial and at worst a nakedly hostile prism through which to view society. It is an analysis expressed, not in a manner of a critic hoping to improve, but as an enemy eager to destroy. There are signs of this intention everywhere we look.

As I consider the crises in the Church today, it would appear that we have a Sacred Church of the Bible, headed by Archbishop Vigano, and there is a Secular Church of Social Justice. In my opinion, there is definitely a split with one side voting for the anti-God Democrats and the other side voting for the laws of the Gospel. It seems to me that this must be discussed. We have no leadership to lead us through this crisis. Our Catholic Schools today are controlled with secular Standards of the Common Core. Secular Standards in Catholic schools are a contradiction. The Cardinal Newman Society offers Catholic Standards and a Catholic curriculum. Why is this offer not considered? Their purpose of existence is Catholic Education. I have supported them for several years and have been impressed by their dedication.