In the Aug. 12 Dyersville Commercial, there were many pictures of people in news articles. In the first nine pages of the paper, there were 14 pictures, only two people in all of those pictures were wearing masks. (Thank you, Lori Blush and Mick Michel for setting the example.)

With the reported increase of COVID-19 cases in Dyersville, we are all more exposed to possible infection. People way smarter than me stress the value of wearing a mask to help reduce the transmission of the virus. They say wearing a mask does protect the wearer from possible infection but even more importantly it helps protect everyone around you. It is a very good way to take care of each other because you never know who is infected.

My niece is a doctor and she is exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally trying to deal with this epidemic. If we all do our part to keep safe and healthy, it would be a great service to the community.