These are unprecedented times. The entire world is experiencing the same disastrous storm at the same time. In Haiti, our friends are in a daily struggle for survival. As they practice social distancing to protect their health, they face the more difficult challenge of providing food security for their families. The months of drought are also having an adverse impact on the crops. We have received reports that people in our sister parish are dying of starvation.

Very recently, Food For The Poor approached Haiti Parish Twinning with a unique opportunity of being designated recipients of a “matching food grant” from Nativity Catholic Church in Burke, Va., to help the people in Haiti. They will match funds up to $100,000.00. This will be a lifesaver for our people.

We are hoping to raise $4,000 which will turn into $8,000 worth of food staples for the many families in communities in Father’s ministry. With help from all of us, this food could reach our sister parish in three weeks. There are no other resources available. Father was very excited to hear this news.

If you would like to help, a donation can be dropped in the Sunday collection in an envelope labeled "Food For Haiti." A check can be made to the Spires of Faith Haiti Fund — memo "Food For Haiti" and drop it off at the rectory or mailed to Xavier Basilica — 104 3rd Street SW, Dyersville, Iowa 52040.

Your generosity will save lives.

Merci! Merci! Merci!