Did you see that both (Joe) Biden and (Kamala) Harris took time to talk to Jacob Blake, of Kenosha. Both spoke so “highly” of that man. He is the one that was shot by the police and this resulted in riots in Kenosha. Why didn’t Biden and Harris talk to his ex-girlfriend about what she thinks of him?

Let’s take the time to see who this guy really is. Based on the major networks you would think he is a perfect “gentleman” who was taken advantage of by the police.

Here are some facts about this man that you might not have been told. He had a restraining order on him by his ex-girlfriend to stay away from her. It seems that in May he had sexually abused her according to the filing with the court. His ex-girlfriend was the one who called the police because he was violating the no-contact order. He also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was tazed by the police but it didn’t stop him. He also had one of the police officers in a head-lock. He was going to his van and not complying with direct orders by the police. I do not know if there was a knife in his hand or in the van. That has not been documented.

Now let’s ask this question: If you or I were acting in this way would we get by with it? I don’t think the color of his skin had any bearing on what the police did.