A friend and I have been taking our dogs to the dog park in Dyersville in the last month. We live in Manchester. I didn’t know there was a dog park there until another friend from Manchester told me about it. The friend told me it was very nice. I was excited. I’m hoping we might have a dog park in the future but as of now, we don’t.

We were impressed by what the facility had to offer. There were bags and a trash can available to dispose of dog waste. It has a fountain with a low bowl that will fill with fresh water at the touch of a button. A couple of nice large shade trees are part of the good-sized grassy area that’s divided into two parts. What was not to like?

We were NOT impressed by the multiple piles of dog poop all over in the fenced-in area. We were disgusted and disappointed. Here people have a fantastic place to bring dogs for some great off-leash exercise and some users are so irresponsible that they don’t pick up after their dogs. Another person was there from the area one day and told us that she thought some people brought their dogs there just to go to the bathroom.

What we would give to have a dog park in Manchester as nice as the one in Dyersville! But hopefully, the folks using it here would be courteous and respectful and clean up after their dogs. I’m sure it’s not everyone that uses it in Dyersville that is guilty of negligence in cleaning up after their dogs. But it only takes a few, to spoil it for everyone. How sad. Those that let their dogs use the area for a bathroom and leave it should be ashamed. You don’t deserve such a wonderful facility.