During troubling times, heroes arise. My family has to look no further than the teachers and staff at Saint Francis Xavier Elementary and Beckman Catholic High School. They have given our three daughters the opportunity to go to the classroom five days a week to guide them in their journey. The school atmosphere creates so much more stability in these uncertain times. Our daughters’ education is a critical part of their foundation and, just as important is their social and emotional growth. None of this is possible without the leadership at Beckman and Xavier.

The teachers and staff have been courageous and committed to their students’ success. They have sacrificed and put their students first and that is something we do not take for granted. For our daughters, the school classroom is where they learn best and are happiest. Being able to interact “in-person” with their teachers and peers is critical. Not only are they progressing in the classroom, but they are also receiving the social experience which is vital to their development. Our children are learning to handle stresses in life that most of us parents never encountered as we all learn how to deal with a global pandemic.

Like most families, we too have family members we have not hugged in nearly a year. All of them are extremely happy our daughters are attending school in person. Being able to get back in the classroom every day has undoubtedly helped our girls during these difficult times. We all want our children to be successful contributors to society. We feel Saint Francis Xavier Elementary and Beckman Catholic High School have a direct and lasting impact on our daughters' journey to success. We will never forget what the teachers and staff have done for all the families in our community.