After attending the forum it is apparent that the city debt is concerning for quite a few citizens.

The debt our city has incurred has allowed us to have a town to be proud of. One that offers its citizens many amenities such as a top ranked library, updated pool, great trails, beautiful parks and recreation areas. These amenities provide the citizens of Dyersville the “Quality of Life” we and our children look forward to in a community. We have an aggressive industrial park that is growing, upgrades to our water and sewer facilities and a highway expansion for the safety of everyone.

Yes, debt has occurred and our previous city leaders had a “Responsible” pay back schedule in place with low interest rates on projects important to our community. Mayor Haas is trying to take credit for the $1 million debt reduction, however this reduction in debt was already in place before he took office due to the principal schedule being paid off on the debt.

Mr. Mullis states the city has been “irresponsible” with our debt. At the forum, Mr. Mullis could not identify what debt was irresponsible. What future services do you suppose he will try to cut in order to decrease our debt?

We need change in our city leaders who understand business principals and economics because the city is a large business with a $6 million plus budget. We urge you to vote Dan Willenborg for mayor, Mark Breitbach and Mike English for Council.