We just came from the Dec. 21 Dyersville City Council meeting.  It is so disappointing that some of the Council members and the mayor have their own agenda and don’t seem to care what the majority of the people of Dyersville want.

Teresa Bockenstedt is the council representative for our ward and she isn’t listening to her constituents.  She has voted in favor of the sidewalk project even though many people in her ward are adamantly against this route.  

Mayor (Alvin) Haas is leaving a legacy, but it’s definitely not a good one.  He will be remembered for all the shenanigans that he promoted during his term.  By watching the Council meetings on TV it’s very apparent how unprofessional several of the councilpersons and the mayor treat the citizens who try to express their concerns.

We want to thank councilmen (Mike) English and (Mark) Breitbach — they are working hard for the betterment of Dyersville.  Congratulations to mayor elect Dan Willenborg taking office in 2016.