On July 23, Loras College presented a discussion of Pope Francis’ Encyclical with David Cochran, a political science professor, and the Rev. Bud Grant, who is also a college professor. We heard that the Democrats get things done and the Republicans are a bunch of obstructionists to their radical liberal agenda. We were also told that the Tea Party was not in line with their thinking on climate change. It so happens that I am a proud member of the Tea Party. We were told the capitalist system of America is a negative in climate change, and more regulations are beneficial in this debate. Then the Rev. Grant slammed the Koch brothers, as they speak for and support their conservative views. He accused them of information laundering. We did not hear about George Soros spending his money supporting their liberal agenda.

When I viewed this discussion the second time on video, I noted crisis #112, projected on the screen: Overpopulation is the uber-crisis causing or exacerbating all of the other crisis. The Rev. Grant said that the word should have been over-consumption, not over-population. If he knew that this was not correct, he should have removed it from the projected slide. We didn’t hear anything about God creating the universe, the world, rain, drought, volcanoes or fires started by lightning or earthquakes, or climate change from the beginning of time.

I remember in the 70s that the ice age was sure to come. I’m glad that we can help God get the temperature right. Father Grant said that 98 percent of the scientists agree on climate change. That other 2 percent could be right.