I first heard Carly at an event in Des Moines last spring and was immediately impressed with her leadership experience, contacts with world leaders and her common sense.

Carly Fiorina has proven experience of cutting bureaucracy as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She has a plan to simplify our government. It’s called the Blueprint to Take Our Country Back. It outlines exactly what we need to do if we really want to see things change for the better. If you would like to read it, the link is www.carlyforpresident.com/blueprint .

I’m not the only one in Iowa who has been impressed by Carly. I have attended several events that featured Carly, and at each one, the room gets quiet as soon as she begins to speak. It’s not just that what she says is resonating with people in Iowa — even though that’s part of it. Unlike the other professional politicians, Carly doesn’t stick to a script. She really thinks when she’s answering a question. And best of all, Carly actually answers the question. Carly has a commanding understanding of the issues and is able to clearly discuss why she believes what she believes. But she also takes the time to listen to people. She understands that no one can be an expert on everything and that the best way to figure out how to help someone in Iowa is to actually talk to them. We need more people in Washington who are willing to listen to the people they are supposed to represent, and Carly Fiorina has proven she is that person.

If you are like me and believe we need a change in direction in Washington, then I encourage you to go to your caucus and support Carly Fiorina. Carly is the only person running for president who has the experience and knowledge to shake things up in Washington — and the proven track record of following through on her promises.