On Oct. 31, there was a meeting with presidential nominees in Des Moines giving their presentations.

I asked Gov. (Chris) Christie (from the floor) if he approved or disapproved of the Common Core Standards and why? His answer was that New Jersey tried it for four years and it was a failure so they stopped using it in New Jersey. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, schools across the country are experiencing lower test scores in Language Arts and Math since implementing the Common Core Standards.

Then I asked the staff of Jeb Bush and John Kasich four times if their candidates supported or opposed the Common Core. The staff of both candidates would not answer but gave me political spin. It is my guess that the Gates Foundation money is in play, as it was with the National Catholic Education Association when they took the Gates Foundation money.

I feel that if any candidates would strongly support the Common Core in Iowa would be out of the campaign in Iowa, since the people do not support it in Iowa. Most of the candidates strongly oppose Common Core as they are listening to the people at the Town Hall meetings.

I then talked to Lieutenant Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa about the concern with the Common Core standards. She said she would talk with teachers as her daughter is a teacher. I felt she was very open to this issue and would follow up. This was not the case when I contacted Gov. (Terry) Branstad on two previous occasions. He did not even acknowledge my correspondence.