How can I thank the Lemon Sisters and their lemon aides for the magnificent shows they performed three times this weekend to help the needy children in our area? I contemplated getting out the thesaurus to select the most descriptive words to express my gratitude for their enormous support, but that would not be me. I know the Lemon Sisters work extremely hard in preparing for a show of this magnitude that entertains the young as well as the elderly.

I was astounded by the over-the-top amount of toys that were donated this year and in pristine condition. We are blessed to live in a community that really cares if people are suffering this time of the year. People dig deep into their pockets to make sure the children have smiles on their faces all year long.

I thank the Lemon Sisters with every fabric of my being for their love and devotion to music and sharing their talents to benefit our little children. I owe the same thanks and allegiance to everyone who attended the shows and gave huge donations of toys to our community toy project. I will never forget this weekend when, through the Lemon Sisters performances, we came to realize that we are celebrating Christmas—the birth of Jesus Christ.

I sincerely thank you, Lemon Sisters and your lemon aides, because there were many behind the scene people working very hard also to put on these performances. Thank you.